Global Investor Forum: Leadership & Venture Growth
12&13 February 2020 Rotterdam

The Global Investor Forum facilitates private capital match with promising investment-ready biomed and healthcare start-ups, scale-ups and tech transfer opportunities. The forum creates a powerful network of leading biomed entrepreneurs, formal and informal investors, physician key-opinion leaders and innovation executives to enable the next step of biomed and healthcare ventures. The investor forum offers an excellent platform for leading VC’s and entrepreneurs and CEO’s of innovative companies to meet each other, to discuss investment opportunities, to expand and strenghten business network for future partnerships.

The two-day program will offer 30+ start-up companies, scale-up companies and TTO’s the possibility to present their innovation to the audience and to connect one-on-one with investors. The first day will be concluded with a walking dinner for all participants. The second day willl be concluded with a special VIP & CEO-Investor Dinner, where investors and entrepreneurs can network in an exclusive setting.

Pitch-connect-invest, and learn!

Added value of the programme to your company:
+ Gain insight in venture growth & leadership through real-life business cases.
+ Strengthen your leadership skills by self-reflection and growth area identification.
+ Learn to think as an investor and translate this to your own venture proposition.
+ Improve your pitching skills with advice and feedback from investors and serial entrepreneurs.
+ Pitch your company to various leading investors.
+ Get an overview of the latest innovations in Life Science and Health.
+ Expand your network with key players during the VIP CEO-Investor dinner.


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Global Investor Forum is organized by Hyphen Projects in partnership with Main Partner Health~Holland and Prof. Marianne van der Steen of MERLN Regenerative Medicine Institute of Maastricht University.